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  • Amateur Sports Photographers

    Welcome to our Refocus store.

    We are a network of professional photographers skilled at capturing those special moments. Available by the hour or the day, we provide edited digital images post event, ready for printing or social media.

    Juniors or seniors, our photogs are available wherever media passes are not required for photography. Indoor events and outdoor, rain or shine.

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  • Fox King Media

    Fox King is your one stop source for all SMB digital marketing needs

    For the startup or small business with champagne taste and beer budget marketing requirements.

    Nobody in Austin is more effective at delivering high-quality, on-message results within a stated budget. We pride ourselves on developing an organization's entire digital marketing plan for less than the cost of a full-time marketer. Don't believe us, make an appointment and see our work. We will not disappoint.

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  • KK Guitar Photography

    I'm obsessed with guitar photography. I think the perfect picture of a guitar speaks volumes about the player and the maker.

    One of the best things about shooting guitars is there are so many different models, configurations and designs that the journey to capture them is all a supreme challenge.

    If you have a guitar or a piece of gear you would like me to shoot let me know!

    I use this store for my surplus photo gear and everything that I list has been treated with the utmost of care. 

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  • Lacy’s Austin Studio

    My style is to display the world through the prism of a black and white filter. 

    The world is a beautiful place. I love capturing the small moments that make life worth living. Nature specifically has always been a passion of mine. I found solace during the pandemic in taking shots of nature and the living world. 

    Lacy’s ATX Studio is a passion project and I hope you enjoy my work. I also have a lens or two (or ten) that I am hoping this store will help me to share with other photographers.

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  • Mileshko Creative Imaging, LLC

    Mileshko aims to be the most enjoyable creative production company to work with in Atlanta, GA. Founded in 1986 by Tom Mileshko, we have become a growing team of professionals who embody "second-mile" mindset, are self-motivated, and embrace continuous improvement, all while keeping it fun. 

    As we pursue continuous improvement, we offload equipment we no longer need but that can still serve others. Are you an overwhelmed content producer? Let's connect to discuss your project details and explore how Mileshko can partner with you to make it happen! 

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  • NeverStop Films

    NeverStop Films is an independent film company based in Austin, TX. 

    NeverStop is the latest foray into life for our team. It is a journey that combines social interaction, story telling, art, technology and adventure into a single mission...to produce powerful, well-meaning and entertaining films.

    And welcome to our Refocus store. We frequently have gear that we are upgrading or switching out. It is always well cared for and hopefully you will find as much joy with it as we have.

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  • OhWowRecipes

    You know those awesome one-minute recipe videos on social media? Yeah, that’s what we do. How to make incredible recipes in simple steps. Our goal is where everyone says, 

    “Oh Wow, That’s Good”

    But we also have a good bit of churn on our camera equipment and we are all kind of gear junkies so Refocus gives us the perfect place to share what has worked great for us. 

    Enjoy our store!

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  • Shoptaw Photography

    Tom Shoptaw is a professional food photographer and food stylist. With a culinary background and experience in the kitchens of some of the country’s top restaurants, he captures exceptional visual stories about what and how we eat.

    All equipment listed is in like-new condition unless otherwise specified.

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  • The Refocus Store

    Discover a handpicked selection of camera and film equipment at the Refocus Store. Our commitment? Each piece is genuinely represented in descriptions and images, ensuring you get exactly what you envision.

    The Refocus Guarantee upholds your satisfaction. If something's not right, we're here to resolve it. It's our promise: authentic gear, satisfaction guaranteed. Dive in with confidence, knowing we're dedicated to your photographic journey.

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