Refocus is an all-in-one

online selling experience

Fast & Easy Payments

We ensure payments to sellers and from buyers are fast and secure. Payments are distributed automatically saving you time and frustration.

Simple & Convenient Shipping

Use our shipping solution to print a label and get the package off to the customer. Print a label right from our website with reduced shipping rates.

Low Transaction Fees

Listing an item for sale is free. We charge minimal fees to complete your sale. You will only be charged 3% as a credit card processing fee and a 5% transaction fee. We also collect any taxes from the customer on your behalf.

Simple & Free Listings

It’s easier than ever to get your items listed. List a new item within minutes. We don’t charge anything to list an item, you only pay a small fee when the item is sold.

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You can connect with our Customer Experience team by emailing us at We will respond back during business hours between 8:00am - 5:00pm CST Monday to Friday.