Refocus is where the photography and

film community share their passion for gear.

Fast & Easy Payments

We ensure payments to sellers and from buyers are fast and secure. Payments are distributed automatically saving you time and frustration.

Simple and Convenient Shipping

Use our shipping solution to print a label and get the package off to the customer. Print a label right from our website with reduced shipping rates.

Verified and Trusted Sellers

All sellers have been vetted by us and can be trusted to properly showcase and ship their items. We provide training to ensure all sellers know and follow best practices.

Community Focused Marketplace

Refocus Market was created to bring together both photographers and videographers. We pride ourselves on connecting people and helping the community grow safely.



How long does it take to create a listing?
Once you have signed up as a vendor, you can create a listing in no time. Once you’ve taken 3-6 images of your item, you can have the listing complete in as little as 10 minutes. You just need to enter some basic information about the item for sale and you’re done. The more information you put, the better the chances it will sell.
How long does it take to get paid once my item has sold?
Sellers get paid within a few days of the item being delivered to the customer. Premium sellers get paid even faster.
How do I get paid?
Sellers are paid via direct deposit. During the seller account setup process, you will link your bank account to your Refocus account using our secure Stripe connection. We do not store or see your bank information at any time. All payments are handled through our trusted payment partner, Stripe.
How do I ship my item?
This part is easy! You will see the shipment options in your account after an item has been sold. You just click a few buttons and you’ll be able to print off a label from within the Refocus portal. You will choose the shipping method and see the various prices for each method. We have reduced rates through USPS and FedEx. Once you have the label, please package the item securely in a box. We recommend you utilize the original packaging that your item came in if possible.
Can I sell internationally?
We currently only allow transactions to be bought and sold within the United States.
What fees will I pay for selling on Refocus Market?
We charge minimal fees for you to complete your sale. You will be charged 3% as a credit card processing fee and a 5% transaction fee. We also collect any taxes from the customer on your behalf.


How can I trust the sellers on Refocus Market?
We personally interview and confirm each seller is legitimate and has authentic gear. You can trust every seller on our marketplace. We guarantee you will receive your order in a timely manner and that the item will be correct.
Can I change the shipping address of my order?
No, unfortunately we are unable to change the shipping address after the order has been placed. Each order clears a fraud process that involves matching the shipping address to the billing address on the credit card. This is for the safety of all parties involved. If you need to change an address, we will have to cancel the order and place a new order going to the new address.
What if I receive an item that is not as described?
This is extremely unlikely as all of our sellers are well vetted. However, mistakes can always happen. In the event that the item you receive is not as described, please contact us within 3 days of receiving the item. We will ask for some pictures and compare them to the original listing. If it’s found that the item is not as described we will issue a return label for you to send the item back and receive a full refund.
What payment methods are accepted?
We accept all major credit cards. When checking out with an item you will be asked for the full credit card number, expiration date, CVV code and billing address.
Is it safe to pay a seller outside of Refocus?
No, all payments must be made through Refocus Market. This is for the safety of the buyer and is the only way we can keep you safe from fraud.
How long will it take to receive my order?
We ask our sellers to ship orders within 3 business days of receiving the order. It may take up to 4 days for your item to arrive without priority shipping.. A safe range to estimate is between 2-7 days.