We have
your back

100% refunds for lost, damaged,

or misrepresented items.

Here’s how it works:
  • Contact the Seller

    Contact the seller within 48 hours of delivery. Most issues can be resolved directly with them following their return policy. Provide photos/videos when messaging.

  • Contact Refocus

    If you don’t hear from the seller within 24 hours, contact support@refocusmarket.com. Send photos of any damage and a repair estimate, if applicable.

  • Refocus Protection
    We’ll take it from here.

    Refocus will review the sale, work with the seller, and let you know if anything else is required to issue your refund.

What’s covered?

To qualify for Refocus Buyer Protection, orders must be carried out directly through Refocus—including record of both payment and shipment—and issues must be reported within 48 hours of the item being marked as delivered (or within 14 days of the anticipated delivery date if the item isn’t delivered).

You’re eligible for a refund if your gear is:

  • Declared lost by the carrier
  • Damaged in transit
  • Item is lost in transit
  • Differs significantly from images and description

Refocus orders that fall into the above categories and are reported within the return window are covered under Refocus Buyer Protection. Some sellers may accept returns after a longer period of time reference your item’s specific return policy for more info.

What isn’t covered?

In general, here’s what isn’t covered. For a complete list, see the Refocus Terms and Conditions.

  • Issues reported after 48 hours from delivery (or after 10 days of the anticipated delivery date in the case of non-delivery)
  • Off-site transactions
  • If you change your mind and request a return outside of a seller’s return policy
  • Issues reported on forwarded or re-shipped packages

When you purchase from a seller who processes payments through PayPal: your order is protected by PayPal Protection rather than Refocus Buyer Protection. If there’s a problem with your order, we’re happy to walk you through the PayPal dispute process. Learn more in our Help Center.