Refocus is the premium marketplace dedicated to buying and selling used camera and film equipment.
Founded by enthusiasts, Refocus seeks to build a thriving community of buyers who seek out well cared for used gear sold by professional studios. We focus on price transparency, transaction trust and the eCommerce experience.
Through this experience, the community now has a destination where they can share their love of equipment they use but also the art they create with it.

Made for creatives,

by creatives

We are a team of photographers and filmmakers who also happen to have decades of e-commerce experience. Because of this knowledge mix and, perhaps more so by looking at all the gear sitting on our shelves, we had an epiphany…there was no good option for photographers and filmmakers to sell their used gear without giving up huge fees, doing an unsafe ‘parking lot’ transaction, or risking a fraudulent buyer.

So, we created Refocus, the marketplace made for creatives, by creatives. Every transaction is secure. Everything is insured. Nothing is anonymous. Even better, before you make the purchase, you might even see some of the beautiful work created by the seller with your new purchase. So check out Refocus. We look forward to you joining our community!

Here for Sellers.

Refocus is built for studios looking to sell their well cared-for gear. If your studio is new to online selling, Refocus is for you! We make the process simple and fast with our suite of eCommerce solutions. From payments to tax and even shipping, the Refocus platform is an all-in-one online selling experience. Sellers can feel confident that Refocus has their back and protects them against fraud and malicious activity. Through our built-in integrations with leading payment provider Stripe and tax experts TaxJar we take the guesswork and stress of selling gear

With Refocus Shipping Labels, you’re protected in the unlikely event that your shipment is lost, stolen, or damaged.

Our support team of gear experts is ready to jump in and assist with your sale if you have a question or issue.

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Here for Buyers.

Get ready to fill up that camera bag! Refocus is a marketplace created by photographers for photographers. You'll find a community of like-minded individuals who are selling their beloved gear. Refocus is where you come to find gear that has been well taken care of and treated with respect. We have a minimum sale price that doesn't allow junk to clutter up your shopping experience. Feel free to browse, shop, explore and see what all is out there. Have fun and we can't wait to see what you create with your new gear.

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